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Most scientists are members of at least one scientific society because of the opportunity to learn from, and share research ideas with our colleagues doing related applied or fundamental research. In many cases, those societies are national or regional. The International Society for River Science also offers those same opportunities for scientific exchange but now on a more international stage. As most of us appreciate, river scientists are a relatively small group of scientists in most countries, while at the same time our rivers often cross state/provincial and national borders where international cooperation is vital. An international society such as ISRS is, therefore, vital for our scientific understanding and our cooperation across borders.


Non-profit organizations like the ISRS benefit greatly from donations from both members and non-members. Even though all officers and board members of the ISRS serve without pay, we need funds to help run the society in addition to funds obtained from membership dues. At the present time, we are seeking support for: (i) general operating expenses; (ii) travel support to attend ISRS meetings for some students and professionals from economically disadvantaged countries; and (iii) the international education program.