Things that Flow – Book

Author K. S. Lubinski takes a lot of comfort from his relationship with the river. It has helped him find a level of internal peace that was missing in his younger years. In Things that Flow, Lubinski braids strands of life and work on rivers into poems and essays intended to pass down his perspectives and values to his children and future generations.

A river ecologist, philosopher, paratrooper and diver, Lubinski’s experiences span a wide and diverse landscape of nature and its human occupants. His works share word images of silently watching a deer attempting a hazardous swim across the Illinois River, to listening to an ancient hydrologist castigate engineers along the Ganges River, to building sand castles on a Mississippi River beach, and taking a jon boat ride with Miss Sophia, a retired high school history teacher.

Intended to help others experience some of what happens on the river, Things that Flow offers insight into one man’s personal relationship with that special body of water.


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