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Most scientists are members of at least one scientific society because of the opportunity to learn from, and share research ideas with our colleagues doing related applied or fundamental research. In many cases, those societies are national or regional. The International Society for River Science also offers those same opportunities for scientific exchange but now on a more international stage. As most of us appreciate, river scientists are a relatively small group of scientists in most countries, while at the same time our rivers often cross state/provincial and national borders where international cooperation is vital. An international society such as ISRS is, therefore, vital for our scientific understanding and our cooperation across borders.
Joining ISRS is easy by selecting from the membership options below.  More details can be found at ISRS Membership Categories&Dues.

ISRS Membership options


  • Regular Membership Developed Countries: $50/year
  • Regular Membership Developing Countries: $25/year
  • Student Membership Developed Countries: $25/year
  • Student Membership Developing Countries: $10/year
  • Group Membership Level One $1000 / 5years
    • Up to 3 regular members and up to 6 students for Colleges and Universities
    • Up to 5 regular members for Government Agencies, Research Institutes, NGOs, and Corporations
  • Group Membership Level Two $1500 / 5years
    • Up to 5 regular members and up to 10 students for Colleges and Universities
    • Up to 8 regular members for Government Agencies, Research Institutes, NGOs, and Corporations
  • Associate Membership

If you would like to become an Associate Member, please contact Prof. Michael Delong at [email protected]


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In addition to advantages of the exchange of scientific ideas on an international stage, the ISRS offers you the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of river ecosystems and to the people who derive ecosystem services and benefits from them around the globe. For example, a goal from the beginning of ISRS has been to establish an international education program where a small group of river scientists would travel to other countries by invitation to offer short courses on river science. An associated goal is to have these courses taught by highly qualified, unpaid volunteers with the other costs shared by the host country and the ISRS (using support from grants). This aspect of the ISRS is still in the formative stage and needs the intellectual support and hard work of new members. We hope you can contribute to this and other worthy goals of the ISRS by becoming a member and offering your ideas and professional time.

In summary, there are standard, life, associate, emeritus, student, and honorary members. Most of you will join as either a standard or student member. The dues vary accordingly. Recognizing economic realities of life around the world, we have reduced dues for scientists and students from economically underdeveloped countries where full dues would be a hardship for members. These policies are described here.

For questions, contact your representative on the Board of Directors, the Secretary/Treasurer of ISRS (Prof. Michael Delong, [email protected])

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