ISRS Activities

In addition to a biennal ISRS Conference, our society will sponsor or co-sponsor another two types of meetings including periodic electronic conferences in years without the biennial Congress and co-sponsored and/or regional symposia.

Co-sponsored and Regional Symposium

It will be held on occasion in various countries. This can be associated with another society’s meeting as a co-sponsored symposia or be a regional ISRS meeting focused primarily on regional issues. More than one meeting of this type could be held per year, and simultaneous meetings in multiple continents could be held. In all cases, permission of the Board of Directors of ISRS is required before the ISRS name can be used in association with such meetings. At the present time, ISRS has no plans to provide financial support for such meetings.

Electronic Conferences

They are planned for one or more years between biennial meetings. The purposes of these meetings are to allow members to keep in communication between Congresses and to permit scientists and students to participate in meetings when they are unable to attend the international Congresses because of time commitments or financial constraints. Now that we have developed the current website, we will soon begin planning for our first electronic conference sometime in 2010. Our goal is to have both “poster” presentations in PDF format and “video/oral” presentations. We have not yet developed all the components and concepts for this meeting, but one possibility being considered is to allow all ISRS members to post one presentation (or possibly more) for free and then charge a nominal fee for presentations by non-members. All presenters will be expected to answer questions promptly on an interactive message board hosted by the ISRS website.

Additional activities in the pipeline are:

International Education Program in River Science

One of the most important goals of our river society in its early developmental phase is to establish an international education program in river science. With the advice and help of the membership, we plan to develop this program and raise the needed grant support over the next 1-3 years so that we will have a well-developed education program for the next biennial conference. The program is still in the early planning phase with no details having been finalized. Keep an eye in our website for updated information.

Fluvio Newsletter

More information is coming soon!