Donations to the ISRS


Non-profit organizations like the ISRS benefit greatly from donations from both members and non-members. Even though all officers and board members of the ISRS serve without pay, we need funds to help run the society in addition to funds obtained from membership dues. At the present time, we are seeking support for: (i) general operating expenses; (ii) travel support to attend ISRS meetings for some students and professionals from economically disadvantaged countries; and (iii) the international education program.

General Operating Funds: Contributions to this fund will help support continued operation of the website, periodic web-based meetings, the approximately biennial Award of Excellence given at our Congresses, travel support for plenary speakers in future meetings, and general operations of the society.

Travel Support: Donations in this area will enable us to cut registration costs at the biennial Congresses for students from all countries and for professionals from economically disadvantaged countries. These funds should promote attendance at the Congresses and thereby affect in a small way development of the next generation of river scientists.

International Education Program: To be effective in its planned education program, the ISRS must be able to help the host countries defray a significant amount of the costs of having ISRS teach a course in river science in their countries. Contributions here will help us prepare the lectures, provide education material for host country participants, and possibly defray some of the travel costs for the scientists who will be teaching these courses as unpaid volunteers.

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