The aim of the working group is to share ideas and approaches of resilience in freshwater ecosystems


Synthesis and key research areas for resilience in freshwater ecosystems

  • What is resilience and its various components? How relevant are these for the study and management of freshwater ecosystems – this is the central focus for the workshop. The manuscript should aim at defining consequences and applications of resilience to restoration and adaptation management of freshwater ecosystems.
  • What are the issues of scale, with cross scale interactions between climate, geography and ecosystems? How to measure resilience in river systems at both the ecological and geomorphological scales? What are the appropriate spatial and temporal scales for assessing resilience?
  • What determines resilient ecosystems?
  • Which ecosystem features, which species traits foster resilience?
  • What are the issues for considering resilience within the interdisciplinary domain of river science and its applications/management recommendations?
  • What data are available for resilience based research on river ecosystems?
  • What modeling approaches are useful for resilience based research on river ecosystems?

The first meeting of the working Group took at the IGB in Berlin and the University of Massey, New Zealand. Joint Skype sessions were held over two days.

Contacts: Professor Christian Wolter, IGB Berlin: Email:

Kris van Loy, IRSTEA, France : Email: